What do you want to know?

FastALoan offers personal loans or in other words, advance against your salary; repayment of which is matched with your salary cycle.

The loan can be converted into a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 24 monthly installments.

The borrowing journey is divided into 3 steps -

(i) Register with a few basic details such as name, E-mail ID and mobile number.

(ii) Log in to FastALoan, complete your profile data and KYC. Within minutes, you will be notified about your approval status.

(iii) Once your profile has been approved, It will hardly take 2 minutes to apply for a loan and get the money instantly in your bank account without any further verification. 

Key information required to complete Profile Data and KYC:

  • Pan No.
  • Aadhaar details
  • Last 3 months bank statements

Yes. We do not need any reason. 

You can borrow between Rs 15000 to Rs 200000 in multiples of 1000’s depending on the loan limit approved. We increase the loan limit every time you borrow and repay in time.

You can take any number of loans against your approved loan limit as per your needs. Whatever amount you repay; the loan limit gets restored.

No. Even if your CIBIL score is 0 or it’s not generated due to not having any credit history, you are still eligible to get the loan.

At FastALoan, we have utmost respect for your privacy. Hence, we do not ask for access of your contact list, SMSs, location tracking, call history, spend data, mobile handset information, etc.
Since loan application is a completely digital process, it can be applied anytime and anywhere 365*24*7.
No, if you have previously registered, you are not required to register again. Only the loan application must be filled for every new loan.
Yes, we give great value to your privacy and follow standard security protocols to ensure an utmost safe and secure environment. Our backend API’s comply with mandated security standards.